Relief from Myofascial Pain Syndrome

MyofascialPain Syndrome also known as Chronic Myofascial Pain can be defined as presumed inflammation and pain in the body's muscles and soft tissues. Muscle pain, spasm, tenderness are the main characteristics of Myofascial pain syndrome. The following are some other Myofascial Pain Syndrome facts: Myofascial pain syndrome may cause fatigue, stiffness and poor sleep It typically affects the muscles in the asymmetric areas of the body The condition leads to localized pain in the muscle tissue
Causesof Myofascial Pain The exact cause of Myofascial pain syndrome is unknown. The following are some of the underlying conditions that play a role in inciting myofascial pain syndrome: Excessive strain on a particular muscle or ligament or tendon Repetitive motions Some medical conditions like heart attack and stomach irritation General fatigue Injury to intervertebral disks Lack of activity like broken arm in a sling Poor sleep patterns Muscle Injury Stress and anxiety Symptoms of Myofas…

Addressing Pain with Effective Pain Relief Techniques

Pain is much more than just a sensation that causes discomfort. They are a vital sign of some sort of irregularities that is happening within our body. Considered as the fifth vital sign by doctors, the intensity of pain can provide a cue regarding the status of our health. 

Pain is the response of our nervous system mostly intended to provide protective effects for our body. Pain varies in intensity and duration as in acute, sub acute or chronic. Pain relief methods ranges from home remedies, medications, injections and in severe cases invasive methods like surgery.
When is intervention for pain required? Pain can range in various intensity from acute which occurs abruptly and lasts for days or few weeks to chronic pain severe in nature and lasts for weeks to months. The signs of pain that depicts need for medical intervention are as follows: - Pain that persists for more than 3 weeks Pain that contributes to stress, depression or anxiety Pain that interferes with daily life activities P…